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The Lodge has a variety of services designed to keep your pet happy and healthy. We have two indoor play yards staffed with educated camp counselors in carefully assigned play groups to allow for a fear free environment to burn extra energy so they go home exhausted. We also provide overnight lodging that includes daycare so your pet can have just much fun on their vacation as you are having on yours.  Because The Lodge is attached to Vale Park Animal Hospital, owners can rest easy knowing if their pet gets sick, a veterinarian is close by to take the best quality care of their pet. To help us keep everyone safe, we ask that if you are new to us, you fill out our pet application located on our website so we can put them in a play group that they will have the most fun in while also keeping them healthy. 


Q: How often do dogs go out?

A: There are a lot of variables that factor into this. But we like to give them equal amounts of rest time as play time. Depending on how many dogs are here, but generally every half hour to hour, given with appropriate rest times.

Q: How long do the dogs stay out?

A: Similar to the answer above, lots of variable factors, such as age, weather, the energy if the group and so on. If the group is staying active, they can stay out up to an hour, but if they are seeming tired or not really interested in being Does my dog have to play with other dogs?

A: No, they don’t have to, if they aren’t getting along or maybe just like people better, we can dedicate their playtime solely with them.

Q: Can I bring my own toys, bowls, bedding?

A: You can bring your own toys but they will not be able to join them in the yard, we don’t want them to get ruined or lost. We do ask that you leave your own bowls at home, unless they are puzzle feeders. You can bring some bedding to make your pet more comfortable and feel at home, just know that it might get chewed or urinated on by your pet, in which case we will wash the bedding and return to pet. But if chewing occurs, we may not allow pet to continue to have that bedding.

Q: When is the last time my pet goes out before staff leaves?

A: Our staff usually feeds around 7am and 4pm so that we can start letting out about an hour after eating so that we don’t cause any kind of digestion issues.

Q: Can I bring food and toys if my pet is there just for daycare?

A: Yes! But they will not be allowed to take their toys into the yards with the other dogs.

Q: If my dogs don’t stay in the same room can they still play together?

A: Yes! As long as they get along with each other.

Q: What kind of treats (if any) do you feed the dogs in your care?

A: We offer Chicken and beef liver treats as well as peanut butter Kongs. If your pet has ANY kind of food allergy please inform us immediately. We do not want to cause any digestion problems to your pet. You may also bring in your own.

Q: Should I bring my own food or do you provide food

A: We do ask that you bring the food your dog is used to, but if it runs out while they are with us, we do have a premium intestinal diet dog food and most medicated food within the hills brand.