What’s better than spending the day with your best friends? A sleep over, of course! In addition to all the fun play sessions that they are used to during the day, The Lodge can also keep them over night in one of our cabins, with three sizes to choose from! We’ve got quiet luxury suites for those who would like a nice, relaxing sleep time away from everyone else, cabins big enough to house multi-member families, and, for those who prefer a cozier setting, some smaller cabins. There is even room for cats in their own cabins, specially made for them, away from their louder dog family members. 
If you are preparing your pet for a little vacation at the Lodge, we recommend packing the food they are used to eating, but if they run out we have a high end, veterinarian recommended science diet that we will provide for them. We also have beds and blankets your pets can use, but if you would like to bring a blanket from home, they are welcome to bring one. We just ask that it is machine washable and can be washed with bleach in case they have an accident. If they have toys that they would like to pack, please make sure that it is not tear-able; Kong toys are preferred and can be kept in the cabin overnight. If they have any medications, please make sure you bring those with you, and one of our specially trained counselors will administer those per your instructions.  

What kind of vacation isn’t complete with a spa day? It is also an option for us to give your furry friend a bath and a nail trim on the last day of their stay so they go home smelling fresh and feeling refreshed. See below or call for pricing details.

Vaccine Requirements

In order to keep your pet happy and healthy while staying and playing with us we require proof of the following vaccinations before providing any of our services:  

  • Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella  
  • Cats: Rabies, FVRCP 

Written proof of these vaccinations can either be faxed to us at (219) 462 –7180, emailed to us at [email protected], or dropped off at the Lodge before your scheduled stay. We will not provide any services until we have proper documentation that all requirements have been met. No Exceptions.  

Flea Treatments:  

For the health and safety of pets and staff at the Lodge, if fleas are found on your pet they will be administered a flea treatment called cap-star, at the owners expense. Excessive cases may result in additional charges and/or denial of boarding services. We strongly recommending keeping up with flea and tick preventative all year round to avoid infestations.  

Medical Attention: 

Should your pet need any medical attention while staying with us, we are literally steps away from Vale Park Animal Hospital. This will be the primary care choice should the need arise. For non-emergency concerns we will attempt to contact the owner or guardian for further instruction. 

If you have any questions about anything, contact us at (219) 462 – 5785 

Please call for pricing